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Aug 23

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May 8, 2024 / Multiple Schools

Fun and learning at STEM Day 

On May 2, 5th-grade students from throughout District 45 participated in STEM Day on the grounds of Schafer Elementary.

At STEM Day, 5th graders are invited to learn hands-on lessons from 7th graders while enjoying an outdoor, fun-filled day of learning together.

Students participated in over 40 lessons and activities, such as controlled chemical reactions, riding on a hovercraft, building towers and bridges, calculating trajectories and distance, determining probabilities, and more.

STEM day also provides 7th-grade students opportunities to build leadership skills and learn the science behind the experiments.

STEM Day is successful with the help of many hands, including dozens of parent volunteers, PTA and PTA Council representatives, and District 45 staff, under the coordination of Jackson Middle School 7th grade science teacher Ms. Krista DePasquale.

Thank you to everyone for creating a special day of learning for our students!